IRCv3 Specifications


Right now the IRCv3 specification is distributed as a series of extension specifications to IRC protocol version 2.7, also known as RFC1459. To understand the basis of the IRC version 3 protocol, please read RFC1459 followed by the extension specifications.

Each version of IRCv3 contains base extensions, which comprise the core functionality of the IRC version 3 client protocol, and optional extensions, which comprise the extended functionality of the protocol.

This is the current stable version of the IRC protocol. Errata updates may be submitted for the specifications.

Base Extensions

Optional Extensions


This is the most recent version of the IRC protocol. We are accepting errata updates for this specification. Client and server implementations of IRCv3.2 are still under development. The IRCv3.2 protocol will replace IRCv3.1 as the stable release as an increasing amount of software is compliant with it.

Like the previous release, the current specifications are a series of changes from pre-existing protocols, in this case RFC1459 and 3.1. We plan to release a unified specification draft based on the 3.2 protocol.

Base Extensions

Optional Extensions

Deprecated Extensions

We do not recommend implementing these specifications


IRCv3.3 represents the next client protocol version. We are currently accepting new extensions and the protocol is in a very experimental state.

Ongoing work on this version is tracked under the “Roadmap” milestone on GitHub.

The IRCv3 Working Group maintains a registry of “work-in-progress” extensions that have not yet been accepted as part of an IRC protocol version. IRC software vendors may provide additional extensions that have not yet been added to this registry. We recommend that extensions not in the registry use appropriate namespacing as described in the capability negotiation specification and in the message tags specification.

To submit an extension to the extension registry, please contact us via IRC for now ( #ircv3). Extension specifications should be submitted in Markdown format.

IRCv3.3 is a work-in-progress and may have major incompatible changes without warning.

These specifications may change at any time and we do not recommend implementing them in production environments.

Base Extensions