The IRCv3 working group is chartered to prototype, develop, test and specify further extensions to the IRC client protocol. It does not define any other aspect of an IRC network, such as IRC services, or the server-to-server protocol, although the changes it develops may require cooperation from vendors in both areas.

These extensions are published on this website through backwards-compatible specifications.

IRCv3 Contributors 🔗

The direction of these specifications is led by our contributors and the WG Chair. Our contributors consist of a broad range of IRC software and specification authors that reflects the IRC development community at large. We seek to make all decisions by consensus.

To be listed on this page, contributors must:

We’re seeking representation from as many members of the IRC community as possible. If you or your project would be a good candidate for representation, please contact us!

Here’s some of our current contributors:

IRC nick Github Project
cc0 delthas Senpai
dan- DanielOaks ircdocs / Ergo
DarthGandalf DarthGandalf ZNC
dx dequis bitlbee / irssi
emersion emersion gamja / goguma / soju
grawity grawity Unaffiliated
jess jesopo Libera.Chat
justJanne justjanne Quassel / Quasseldroid
jwheare jwheare IRCCloud Chair
kylef kylef Palaver
Sadie SadieCat Anope / InspIRCd
slingamn slingamn Ergo / irc-go
TingPing TingPing HexChat
val progval ircdocs / Limnoria
Valware ValwareIRC DalekIRC

Governance 🔗

The WG Chair is able to move discussions forward and make decisions in cases where consensus between contributors isn’t possible. They can also return proposals to the drawing board where necessary.

The WG Chair’s authority is derived from, and contingent upon, the confidence that the community of contributors places in them.

Ownership of the resources of the IRCv3 WG are spread across several contributors, to prevent the situation where someone can unilaterally control the WG without support from the contributors.

Resource Owner(s) domain DarthGandalf domain jwheare
#ircv3 channel dan-, jwheare
@IRCv3 Twitter account jwheare jwheare
GitHub org DarthGandalf, jwheare
ircv3-mods List jwheare
Netlify account DarthGandalf

Project resources & Contribution 🔗

The main project resources are:

Contributions are welcome from anyone in the IRC community; including users, developers, operators, administrators. Feel free to start a discussion on IRC or on the issue tracker if you’d like to contribute.

Failure to follow our code of conduct when participating may result in immediate removal from the project resources.