This software is compliant natively; other software may be compliant with extensions.

We make a best effort to keep this list up to date but it may deviate from recent releases.

The software listed here is NOT endorsed in any way by the IRCv3 Working Group and inclusion does not constitute a recommendation.

Please help us keep this updated by contributing a pull request.

Desktop Clients 🔗

Feature AdiIRC Ambassador BitchX Colloquy Glirc HexChat IceChat Irssi Konversation
Feature KVIrc LimeChat mIRC Mozilla Thunderbird Quassel Srain Swirc Textual WeeChat

Web Clients 🔗

Feature gamja IRCCloud Kiwi IRC The Lounge Mibbit web client

Mobile Clients 🔗

Feature IRC for Android

Bouncers 🔗

Feature IRCCloud (as Server) KiwiBNC (as Server) KiwiBNC (as Client) pounce (as Server) pounce (as Client) soju (as Server) soju (as Client) ZNC (as Server) ZNC (as Client)

Bots 🔗

Feature BitBot Eggdrop Limnoria Moon Moon PyLink (clientbot) Sopel (ex Willie)